An Introduction to Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

Blackjack strategies are constantly evolving, and one of the most popular nowadays is shuffle tracking. Since the early 90s it has become a vital component in a lot of players' game plans.

The basic idea of Blackjack shuffle tracking is to monitor the cards in play, similar to card counting. In fact, the two techniques go hand in hand, and it is important that you know how to use some kind of card counting method before attempting to incorporate any form of shuffle tracking in your strategy.

In Blackjack shuffle tracking the objective is to determine where the "good" and "bad" cards are in the decks and how many are discarded or in play. To do this you have to keep an eye on the cards as they are shuffled (hence the name). The first thing that the casino dealer will do is separate the decks into stacks, ranging from four to eight.

The cards are shuffled and the game begins. Assume that plenty of tens are used in the hand (the advantage of knowing a card counting strategy comes in handy here). What happens is that when the first half of the deck is gone, most of the low cards will remain clustered together near the top.

By cutting the cards in the middle area (as the casino dealer is likely to ask you to) you'll know that the low value hands will be near the bottom. This is why Blackjack shuffle tracking is important to a lot of players. By being able to keep track of the low value cards, you'll be able to adjust your wagers accordingly and avoid doubling down when the odds are against it.

Another advantage of Blackjack shuffle tracking is that as the game progresses, you'll be able to determine to a good degree which sections of the deck hold the cards you need, or should avoid.

This isn't going to happen all at once of course, and even the best shuffle trackers do not always end up winning. But by using shuffle tracking with card counting and other tactics like bankroll management, you will certainly perform much better than the average player who thinks that the game is just about getting to 21.

Needless to say mastering Blackjack shuffle tracking can be quite taxing, but by persevering you will gain a most valuable tool to help you win bigger money. Learn the ropes in demo games, and when you are ready, try it in a casino.

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