Capitalizing on Blackjack Dealer Tells

People always talk about the benefits of playing online Blackjack, but one advantage of playing in a live casino are the tells issued by the dealers, an element that is missing in Internet gambling.

That Blackjack dealer tells exist will come as a surprise to most people who think that it is only applicable in Poker, but it is a fact. Not only do they exist, but there are also ways to make it easier to spot.

Some of the most obvious Blackjack dealer tells emanate from their facial expressions, similar to Poker. Widening eyes can easily mean that he or she is holding a high card in the hole. This doesn't happen often, but when it does it pays to be aware.

It can also happen that a Blackjack dealer might accidentally show you the card. This can occur if he bends it too much. If you play long enough, you might even spot the angle at which the card is bent, allowing you to see it.

Even if you don't see the card, Blackjack tells can emerge. For example, if the dealer bends it a lot, or takes a while to look, it is possible that the card is a low one (between 2 to 6). The reason is that you can easily mistake them for an Ace, hence the need for a larger bend and longer look. Conversely, if it is only a quick look see, you can be fairly certain that it is a paint card.

If you are still having problems spotting Blackjack dealer tells, tipping might help. What most don't realize is that the dealer is rooting for the player, as winners often tip better. If you give out tokens regularly (not necessarily large ones), you will notice that the bends get bigger, and that the dealer will make some "errors" that tilt the odds in your favor.

Sometimes you can engage the dealer in conversation, and as Poker players are well aware, you can pick up a lot from the way people talk, and the mannerisms they display. Suddenly halting, even for a moment, can give you clues. Of course, if you tip, these mannerisms might become more conspicuous.

Winning players take advantage of every opportunity that arises, and that is why Blackjack tells should be taken into consideration. Use every advantage that comes your way on the table, and it'll add up to great returns in the end.

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