An Introduction to Blackjack Shuffle Tracking
Shuffle tracking is an advanced but important Blackjack strategy. Use this technique to strengthen your chances of getting the best Blackjack hands.
Blackjack and Its Basic Game Elements
The outcome of playing a game of blackjack is highly reliant to the various basic yet essential elements that can influence the quality of the blackjack game.
Blackjack: What Are the Best Players Doing at the Halls?
Most of the novices wonder about what the experts of the game of blackjack do. When they observe these pros in action, they would learn a lot of things that they can use to their benefit.
Capitalizing on Blackjack Dealer Tells
Blackjack dealer tells are more conspicuous than players realize. Exploit Blackjack dealer tells and give yourself an extra edge on the table.
Facts about Single Deck 6:5 Blackjack
A new type of blackjack is offered as a single deck game in exchange for a lower bonus payout. Resort casinos sell the 6:5 blackjack to tourists, but knowledgeable players avoid it.
People Who Changed Blackjack History
Several people have, throughout Blackjack history, altered the game's course and made lasting contributions. Insights into the inputs made by people in Blackjack history can increase your admiration for the game a little more.
Super Fun 21 or Blackjack for More Winnings?
Super Fun 21 is a variation of blackjack. Some rules were modified that might give the impression of higher chances of winning to the beginner. However, statistical studies show that the odds of winning are actually higher in blackjack.
Taking Your Blackjack Game to the Next Level
Basic Blackjack strategies will only get you so far and win so much. To play and earn like the pros, application of advanced Blackjack strategies are needed.
Understanding Blackjack Strategy
There are certain rules that govern the basic moves of Blackjack. Such rules are usually about strategies - how you play your cards given a particular situation.
Why Blackjack is a Good 1st Card Game to Play
Playing Blackjack is a good place to start playing casino card games. Its simplicity makes it easier for everyone to actually enjoy the game and win a few even if you've only just begun learning about the game.
You and the Dealer: Blackjack
Poker isn't the only game wherein the tells matter. Even blackjack, where the players are mostly competing against the dealer, places a level of importance on the tell.
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