Super Fun 21 or Blackjack for More Winnings?

Super Fun 21 is a game very similar to blackjack. However, some of the rules were modified for this game. These players think that this game brings the same advantage as that of a single-deck game of blackjack. But it would be to the player's advantage if they learn more about Super Fun 21 and the odds of winning in this game.

So what really makes Super Fun 21 different from blackjack? For one, it features bonuses and rules not found in blackjack.

Super Fun 21 is usually played with one deck of cards. Some casinos may use two cards, but single-deck games are more common. Blackjack, on the other hand, are more commonly played with two or more decks of cards.

Some of the rules which are modified in this game from the original blackjack are as follows. In Super Fun 21, dealers who get a soft 17 must hit. Double downs are allowed even after a hit. Splits are allowed up to four hands. Late surrenders are also allowed even after a split, double down or hit. If after being given more than five cards, the hand sums up to 20 or less, the player wins by default.

The most striking difference in Super Fun 21 is in cases of a "blackjack" or a hand with a sum of 21. When a player gets a "blackjack" after being dealt with five or more cards, he is paid 2 to 1. When both player and dealer get a "blackjack" or a hand with a sum of 21, the player wins. In the original blackjack, the dealer wins when both player and dealer get a 21.

In Super Fun 21, a hand of 21 yields a pay of 1 to 1, whereas in blackjack the pay will be 3 to 2. However, Super Fun 21 may yield a 2 to 1 pay if the hand of 21 has diamonds. This means higher pay for Super Fun 21.

With all the rules modified above, it would appear to the novice that there are more chances of winning in Super Fun 21. However, it would be worthwhile noting that statistical studies show that the dealer advantage in Super Fun 21 is raised to 1.16% from the original blackjack dealer advantage of 0.5%. If two card decks are used instead of one, the dealer advantage is further raised to 1.3%.

Super Fun 21 provides a new kind of entertainment; however players should be aware that chances of winning are higher with the original blackjack rules.

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