Taking Your Blackjack Game to the Next Level

Success and profit in Blackjack comes from applying the correct techniques at the right times. While simple tactics will do in low limit games, you'll need to be familiar with more advanced concepts to make it to the higher levels of competition.

Of course, utilizing advanced Blackjack strategies is only possible when you have mastered the fundamentals. These include knowing when to double down, splitting, playing with hard and/or soft hands etc. Without knowledge of these essentials you won't be able to understand let alone make use of high level techniques.

An advanced Blackjack strategy that is often used in live casinos is card counting. There are simplified versions of this, such as only placing values on the tens, That will work for newbies, but to get the most from card counting you need to assign the full value of + 1 for cards 2-6, -1 for Aces and tens, and 0 for cards 7 to 9.

By assigning the values to the cards, it becomes easier for the player to determine which side the odds are favoring (i.e., the player or dealer). Not only does this make adaptation and changing of Blackjack strategies easier to do, but you can also implement different betting options.

Basic betting options in Blackjack simply call for high bets when on a winning streak and lower bets when losing. But with an advanced Blackjack strategy like card counting, you will know exactly when and how much to bet. If there are plenty of low cards left on the deck, you not only bet large but you can double down in a lot of cases.

Conversely, if most of the cards dealt are not tens or Aces, you may want to lower your bets or even lay down a hand in the succeeding games as the lower cards are left. This is how successful gamblers are able to stay in the game for longer periods of time, playing and winning hands long after the others had busted.

These techniques are of course applicable in home games as well, and while it may be difficult to apply card counting in online Blackjack, you have the option of playing with fewer decks; also look for those sites that don't employ auto shuffling after every hand.

The pros that you see on TV reached that level because of their ability to apply advanced concepts and ideas into their Blackjack game. It might take some time, but eventually card counting and advanced betting tactics will become second nature to you.

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